Peace on earth? Recognize that we’re all damaged…

Everyone is damaged in their own way.

Sounds like a song doesn’t it? Oh, I know which one I’m thinking of…

Wow, that was quite a throwback, wasn’t it? It illustrates what I’m going to talk about though so take a listen as you read the rest of this.

As I was saying, EVERYONE is damaged.

Damaged People

Damaged People (Photo credit: michmutters)

Not just the obviously unhappy people. EVERYONE.

It’s not a competition to figure out who’s damaged more. There are no bragging rights to being the most damaged. There is no advantage to be gained by soliciting sympathy or anger from everyone you meet. It just is what it is. Everyone brings their baggage to the conversation; to their relationships.

Your happiness and well-being are determined by how you deal with your own damage, and how compassionate you are about the damage of others. Ignore it? Heal it? Harvest it for acts of revenge? It’s entirely up to you.

Did you catch that? IT’S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

If you waddle in the depths of your damage, use it, flaunt it, manipulate it to gain advantage… you remain unhappy.

If you wait for someone to come along and fix you… you remain unhappy.

If you blame everyone around you and everyone you’ve ever known for your damage… you remain unhappy.

On the other hand, if you change your perspective, accept your damage and move on… then your chance at happiness increases.

Even better if you can use your damage as a strength, as a means to show your resourcefulness and perseverance, as the basis for your compassion to others… then the bounds of your happiness have no limits.

And if you can recognize the damage in others, forgive them their weaknesses caused by their damage, and shower them with love instead… then you increase the chances for EVERYONE’s happiness.

I know I’m making this sound easier than it is. It’s work. It’s hard, hard work.

If it were easy, then EVERYONE would be happy all the time.

What can you do to make someone else’s damage less painful? What can you do to be kind to the person who just irritated you in the check-out line? What small token of appreciation can you extend to your ever-sarcastic coworker? What specific ordinary act of humanness can you share with your annoyingly nosy neighbor?

Think of that and do that as often as possible… then each time you’ll be one step closer to your own happiness.

And if EVERYONE did that all the time? Well, then, surely we’d have peace on earth.

{I didn’t even need 15 minutes.}


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