Is it still Sunday? I’m in a Love Stupor…

Saturday has merged into Sunday which has merged into Monday, and I’ve had three 5-Hour Energy drinks in 24 hours.

Why?” you ask? Why would I do that?

So I could finally make it to church. (You may remember I talked about wanting to go, but couldn’t make it before.)

It was everything I wanted it to be, and more.

No matter that I was already exhausted as I headed into work Saturday night (the first 5HE), worked all night getting off at 7 am, stayed awake (the second 5HE) until church at 10:30 am, got home around noon, finally fell asleep around 12:30 pm, only to wake up again at 4:30 pm and sleep only fitfully until I had to get up for work at 7:30 pm, returned to work at 9 pm (the third 5HE) and am still working as I write this…

It. Was. Wonderful.

Magical, even.

I picked an excellent day to start, as the service for the day was on the topic of “Love.”

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

As the lay Worship Associate led the service, there were quotes and poems and songs and stories, all of love.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
― Dr. Seuss

It was a very interactive service, with several moments devoted to the congregation sharing their stories of love and devotion.

The choir and band weren’t perfect; they were human. It was wonderful. I could picture myself up there singing with them. (Have I mentioned I can’t sing?)

I thought throughout much of it about how I’ve already talked about how love has “saved” me. I very nearly got up in front of all of these strangers and shared (briefly) how important love was in my life. That’s how comfortable the space and the service felt to me.

I thought about my friend who just passed last week. I thought about Prince Charming’s Mom, and Tree living with her. I thought about the Future Nurse and how happy I’ll be to see her this week. There were thoughts I had so quickly, I couldn’t even express them. Layers and layers of love thoughts flying around my mind in the perfect harmony of a roll of yarn.

I thought about Prince Charming, and how lucky I was to have him.

It was a love-fest of appreciation for my life.

Everyone I met was smiling, happy, and welcoming… without being too pushy or aggressive. The folks sitting on either side of me both offered to share their hymn books with me to sing along. (Obviously, they don’t know me well enough yet. No one wants to hear me sing. I want to sing, but no one wants that, really.) 

The service was concluded with a “closing circle” of all in attendance holding hands and singing the closing song. Which was immediately followed by a surprise happy birthday (cake, balloons, singing, the works) to one of the members.

I sang in the car all the way home.

It was perfect.

I’ll be back.