Warning: Walking May Be Habit Forming

So I talked about wanting to start new habits, one of them walking. So the Universe obliged by making arrangements for a friend to upgrade her fitbit and offer me her handmedown, which I accepted immediately. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and love, love, love it. Not only is it making me more aware of my (lack of) movement, but it has also confirmed what I’ve been saying for months:

fitbit sleep

I sleep for sh!t, and in fits and bits to boot. Five and a half hours? How is that a 94% efficiency? No wonder I live in a state of exhaustion.

No matter. We were talking about habits. Walking. We were talking about walking.

Even before the fitbit gift, I had finally started strolling around my neighborhood, actually counting my steps. Oh, because I sort of was going to start MyFitnessPal’s 30 day challenge to build up to 10,000 steps per day. Well, I did start it. Realized it took me about ten minutes to walk 1,000 steps, which isn’t bad really, but that means I have to walk ten times ten minutes per day and folks that just ain’t happening, not when I’m working 10-15 hours per day. Nope.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t walk at all. “Movement is movement; just get started with something,” I said to self. So I did. A 1,000 step walk, then a 1,500 step walk, then 2,000. Really I was on a roll. Took a break, then did a little gardening. Took a few more walks; went on a couple of little trips. Kept moving. Eyed some steps down to the beach in front of my house, and a few days later did them as a high intensity with resting intervals workout.


Go me.

The big pay off? Yesterday’s 5 mile walk. FIVE MILES. I overshot the 1.5 mile marker, and ended up going 2.5 before turning around and going back to my car. Best walk ever.

Wanna see?

A huge thank you to the friend who told me about this trail. If anyone wants any more info, google “Kortum Trail” or go to Walking in Sonoma County… mostly.