… and Now a Word from Future Nurse

So… “My Peace Child” touched a few of her sister’s nerves, otherwise known as pushing a few of her sister’s buttons, with her “awareness” piece last week, and I thus woke up the following afternoon to a delightfully passionate response from Future Nurse.

Now I noticed a singular lack of response to that post (only 3 likes and 1 comment?! None even from the B4Peace group?), so I suspect that Future Nurse was not the only one who felt, um, scolded shall we say by the tone of her sister’s sermon. (My word, not hers or hers.) 

In that spirit then — and because I don’t play favorites between my children — here is her defense of saving the world one-ordinary-day-at-a-time.

Response to Trina’s Blog:

I never knew she was such a good writer!! And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SO MUCH OF WHAT SHE SAID. But it also felt a little bit of an attack towards people who don’t do what she does. And because she’s across the world and I don’t want to publish this on Facebook and I don’t want to keep it bottled up–you get it.
To feel guilty going to school?? If nobody went to school and nobody was educated then that would, I believe, lead to even larger issues. Is that why she doesn’t want to go to school? Are we all supposed to feel bad because we chose to go to school? To get careers that will pay?
And even though I plan to save people who come in on their last breath, or babies premature, or children battling cancer as a nurse, because I’m going to school for it and I’ll be getting compensated for it–that’s not noble. Because I’m going to school when others can’t and going to be getting paid when others won’t?? I think I work damn hard for my money and my education, and yes some people don’t even have the opportunity to go, but don’t make me feel bad because I made decisions that are going to further my education, knowledge and ability to HELP.
Who can help the homeless when they come in with foot sores, or the children of poverty when they’re disease stricken–trained doctors and nurses.
I get I live and even love a little bit of luxury and excess of “stuff.” And I am aware there are so many without. And when I can I’d be happy to help with what I have. But because I don’t choose to get rid of all my stuff, abandon my education and go live in a third world country–I’m unaware??
And no–I’m not making the blog about me. Or even diminishing what SHE does, because what she does and what she believes IS AMAZING. I’m just voicing how it came across to me.
My dirty little secret? I am amazed that I brought forth and raised the Peace Child precisely because I completely understand and empathize with Future Nurse. I am a woman of creature comforts; nay, even further I am a borderline hoarder if not kept in check by Prince Charming’s need for a clutter-free environment. I have worked hard (following a crappy childhood) to earn those creature comforts. I, too, have an utmost appreciation and gratitude for my more-fortunate-than-others position in life, and I, too, am pleased to contribute where I can and when I can to those less fortunate than I.


Yes, I therefore believe each of us, individually, can and does save the world each day every day by every little ordinary act of kindness AND productivity. We each contribute — whether in large leaps or by baby steps — to the tapestry of peace and love we are weaving around this earth.


Bottom line? I am so proud of both of my adult children I can hardly breathe. 
My happy little family. <3

My happy little family. <3

PS — Yes, of course, I asked Future Nurse’s permission to publish this post.

PPS — Isn’t it cool that she felt comfortable enough to send that to me? Yes, I will take credit for that!