About Me

Me? You want to know more about me? How kind of you to stop by. 

First, I am a busy, busy woman: married, two adult children, one full-time career, two part-time businesses, a bowling league, this blog and some friends. That would be enough for some, I know. I acknowledge and am grateful for all that I have attained and achieved. Yet, I yearn for more: …to be “known.” …to be “heard.” …to be “something.”

What I do for a living:

Public Safety Dispatcher for the City of Rohnert Park — a sometimes stressful, but never boring job managing chaos in the friendly City of Rohnert Park in beautiful Northern California. My voice remains calm under any circumstances — in fact, I’ve won an award for it.

Bookkeeper to certain small business/property owners (by referral only) — my clients are special people whose loads I lighten so they can do the things they do best for others. One client has said, “You’ve changed the way I live my life.”

Independent Consultant for Tastefully Simple, which once you follow that link is pretty self-explanatory. From time to time I write about my cooking process and/or recipes. They will generally include a product or two from the Tastefully Simple line.

What I do for fun:

Write this blog. Read, particularly Stephen King and Dean Koontz but I dabble in other authors and genres as well. Bowl, weekly (and/or weakly, depending) in a league. Play cards with friends. Play poker on facebook (I only wish that $25m was real). Watch television and movies. You wouldn’t think I have the time… but I do.

What I want to explore: 

The meaning of life. What happens after.

What I end up writing about: 


Thanks for wandering by. Leave a little love; tell me where you’re from and what you’re looking for. Let’s sit on this bench by the path and chat awhile shall we? 

57 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your humour already, and your honesty. :) I’m looking forward to following your Blog and learning more about you. :)
    I would describe myself as hefty too! What a well-fitting word! :) Lovely to know another lovely hefty person.
    Love from Rach

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  6. The age of 40 is suppost to be the new 25, I am not sure what 65 is suppost to be. I am still fightiing the blug, but I have stoppped eating wheat and it has diffently stopped the cravings for sweets, except for 4 dark pieces of cholete(i still cannot spell, if you tell me where to fine the dear woman, if i read it then i will know if i should be writting to you at all. I hve started a book ( From a mothers heart, not done yet. Never had a blogg, maybe i should start one

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  8. Hi,

    Great blog. Just came across your blog and wanted to know if you would be interested in guest blogging on a new retirement site at retirementandgoodliving.com. If interested please drop us a note via the contact page on the site.


  9. Yet, I yearn for more: …to be “known.” …to be “heard.” …to be “something.” —– Oh, how I yearn for the same thing : ) You, my dear, are a talented writer! <3 this!

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  11. Hey Wandering Voiceless, Let me begin by saying I love your humor and voice in your writing. I also like your “Motion” theme. I had that theme for two years and just changed yesterday but still think Motion is most appealing. I am curious how you copyrighted your work. I blog anonymously so I can be as honest as possible without offending anyone (or losing my teaching job on days I rant about that.) I hope to publish some of my work but don’t know how to protect myself the way you did. What steps would I take? Could I do it under “Colorofmysoul” or would I need to reveal my name? Keep writing. I am a genuine follower who chooses to follow because I like your blogging.

    • Such kind words! Thanks so much for wandering by.

      I do love “motion” — every once in a while I scope new themes, but I always end up sticking with this one, despite a few limitations it imposes.

      I got the copyright blurb from wordpress support, such as this one:

      In fact, I think I was looking around for something else and stumbled onto that along the way. I’m not sure how it works with an anonymous blog… somewhere (in the backend?) you would have to establish your ownership of that blog I suppose.

      I bet you have some great stories as a teacher… I can’t wait to check out your blog.


      • The kicker is, and this is somehow a combination of low self-esteem and being egocentric, I think I may write something so genius someone will want to steal it and what will I do.

        I have a rant I posted titled “What? You think I’m angry? Does that mean you think I’m angry?” (Props to Dar Williams for the title) that I wrote after a bad day at school. Overall does not represent how I feel being a teacher but on that day, it did.

      • Hahaha, I actually absolutely “get” that combo of egocentric low self-esteem… although I’m totally working on the whole, “I’m not the center of the universe” thing, while at the same time insisting I will make a name for myself in that same universe. :>

      • There’s room enough for both of us in that universe. Have I mentioned I’m a fair size? Not quite circus-like (wait your turn, P.T. Barnum…). Here’s how I teach the kids not to ask impolite questions. “How much do I weigh? A fair amount. How much money do I make? Not a fair amount.”
        Take care of your bartenders I’ll be here all week.

  12. Then I must be the new 60, seeing as how I’m 70. [grin] WHY BILIOUS GREEN? There you go: see? – I’m rude. But only when I reckon a comment might bring about an improvement … and if that’s all you have to improve, you’re doing OK!

  13. Love your sense of humor! I see you’re in No. Cal, I reside in So. Oregon. Add Dennis Lahane to this list and we like the same authors. Happy blogging!

  14. Wow, and I thought that I was busy! I like your take on life, very positive and uplifting.
    And I love the picture of (I’m assuming) your cat – I have one of those black fury monsters at home and she has mastered giving me the evil eye :)

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  16. Good morning! Glad you left me a few breadcrumbs on my blog last night so I could follow you back home. Yes Hansel and Gretal was read to me once too often! Anyhow thank you for following me and now just from this page alone (I am highly perceptive ;-) I can tell that you are an absolute riot and before I even cross a single t in this comment, I shall immediately click your Follow icon too. Thank you again! Can’t wait to dive in.

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  18. Thanks for the wonderful introduction. You sound like a VERY busy and generous woman…and you write the most intriguing posts! Whenever I think I’m too pressed for time or stressed, I’ll think of you for inspiration! Way to go!

  19. Enjoyed finding you through Maggie. Shall look forward to following your posts. I am Australian and developing my writing gradually, loving the process.

  20. Hello! I don’t know how I found you hehe But I’m glad I did :) You said to leave some love, so I am doing so now! I look forward to reading your posts- I can tell I will like them! As for where I’m from and what I’m looking for: I’m from the state of South Carolina, I’m looking for wisdom :)
    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  21. Hello I love your blog. I read your post Safety Sounds Like a Cat Purring and it really touched me. The fact that you are able to write about your childhood and the horrific things that happened is inspiring. I went through a similar situation and I have only shared it with my Husband…I can’t imagine sharing it with anyone else, I guess i’m not ready. Wondering if therapy and anger management helped you? I feel super angry at the world and sometimes my beautiful family and I know they aren’t the ones I am mad at. I think I just need to know if it gets better? Please let me know…thank you so much…you have a loyal reader from here on out!

    • Krysta —

      I’m soooo glad you wandered by. Absolutely, it gets better with therapy. I, too, was very angry for many years — including my children’s early years as I’ve also written about from time to time — and finally got into therapy, including group therapy with other offenders. It’s not for everyone, but was very effective in giving me a bigger picture of the problem, and seeing them again as human beings, despite their despicable behavior.

      Please, please find a therapist or group in your area. If you go through life mad at the world the only one you’re hurting is yourself. Take back your power and your life.

      Please keep writing. I’m always around. (At the bottom of the “Safety Sounds Like a Cat Purring” PAGE there is a contact form if you want to email me directly.)

      Blessings and hugs to you.

  22. Just found your blog after searching for Jewel Legends help. Yup, I’m addicted! 61, female, disabled, stay at home, no kids, just me and my hubby. I am attached to my kindle! Looking forward to reading, in depth, your musings.

    • So nice to meet you Angie! Thanks for wandering by. I am STILL addicted to all such matching games… currently working my way through Candy Crush and Cookie Jam just to name a couple. Prince Charming and I are soon to be the only people in our household for the first time in over 25 years, and we’re definitely looking forward to it! Enjoy your wanderings! :>

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