The Reaper’s Stage


Copyright, Kent Bonham

“Hey, Pete! That center light’s not working!”

“Got it, Mario. Hang on a sec.”

Pete limped through the backstage maze toward the catwalk. Halfway up the rolling steel mesh stairs he heard, “Look, Pete, if you can’t get that fixed right now, Stella’s gonna fry our heads and dip ’em in ranch for her dinner.”

“Mario, I got it! Just hang on one second while I plug it back in!”

As he reached over the catwalk’s railing to grab the light cord, he heard a horrific crash as Kyle knocked the stairs over, crushing Mario, followed by a disembodied voice muttering, “Damn prick had that coming.”


Whoops! I almost forgot to publish! It was done on Friday, I promise! :>

You can play, too!

Because I had used a video tie-in for Kyle the Reaper’s first appearance, I thought it would be fun to include one here, too. Luckily, I found that WOTE video — which I had never heard or seen before. I think it suits the story quite well.


15 thoughts on “The Reaper’s Stage

    • Thank you! I’m having fun writing them, but no I don’t have anything longer in the works at least right now. In fact, I’m working on a re-write of “Safety Sounds Like a Cat Purring” for a contest, but I’ve had to cut so much of it to get it down to the word count required by the contest that it’s lost a lot of its heart. I think I know how to “fix” it, but I haven’t decided if I really want to or not.

      Anyway, LOVE WOTE! They are so freaking creative and talented. So glad they’re catching on.


  1. I can’t work Kyle out. Is he a good guy or a bad one? Or just a mischief maker who acts as the whim takes him? I’m glad it was Mario got it in the neck and not Pete though. :-)

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