Friday Night Links 1-4-13

Welcome back to Friday Night Lights Links. This has become a lot of fun for me… I hope you all enjoy it, too.

First up, from LaRae, another cute PD PR video. Great job, Tampa PD!


Now check out the requisite funny pets video, this one from Linda gives new meaning to “dog sledding.” Apparently, dogs don’t need no stink-n sleds.


Did you know you can save a life even if you don’t know CPR? Do something productive today and watch this video from the University of Arizona’s Sarver Heart Center.


This one just in tonight courtesy of two friends, Lavern and Lavell — I’m a Daddy and I know It! Love, love, love it from the juggling diapers to the butt jiggle:


Have I mentioned how much I love Phillip Phillips? (I couldn’t get it to embed; whatever. Go watch it anyway.)


That’s it! Short and sweet this week.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Links 1-4-13

    • Thanks, thanks and… thanks!

      The comment by the Dad on the original Dad video made it authentic… they have triplets plus the two and they made the video as a gift for their family members… fun!


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