Retrospective — Ode to Katrina’s Childhood

I’m feeling lazy. Still exhausted from the flu bug I imagine. So today we have a “guest blogger” — Prince Charming himself. He wrote this for our tribute to Katrina for her senior page in the Casa Grande HS Year Book when she graduated high school (nearly three years ago!). Katrina was out of town this past weekend, and the Prince — aka Katrina’s Dad — sent this to me along with a note that he had re-read it and teared up. I’m guessing he was missing her. I’m so glad he’s so moved by his own writing! Then again, it always tears me up, too. So, you will see, I’m not the only writer in our family. 

(Yes, Brandi, you’ll get your turn, too.)


To our dearest Katrina,

While you were up in Tahoe – again — your mother and I decided to clean your room. We put on our gloves and masks and started in on the undertaking of a monumental task. At one point we almost called Uncle John and had him bring the SFFD HazMat team, but we decided to brave your room on our own. Lucky for us that we decided to go it alone, because as it turned out we made some wonderful discoveries.

We found a pair of socks under your dresser – still wet – from that dinner trip to Essa’s some years ago. You remember that evening. You jumped out of the car to be the first one in the door and you ran right into a puddle of cold rainwater that was calf deep. And instead of jumping out of the puddle, you stopped in the puddle, and looked at all of us with horror and for someone to rescue you. And we did. But being the true trooper you are, you endured wet feet during the entire dinner without complaining.

Speaking of cold feet. We also found the snow boots you wore during our family
snowmobiling adventure in Tahoe. You had snow, ankle deep, in your boots and hardly complained. When we got back to Sue’s house we had to put your feet up against the wall heater to thaw out your toes. And being our special Katrina you never complained.

Over in the corner we found an ankle brace. The one you wore after the young boy, the one who Uncle John was a “Big Brother” for, stepped on your ankle and caused a sprain at the Thanksgiving Reunion dinner at the Lower Church. I think Papa probably helped the pain by dipping into his candy stash. He takes care of his “peeps.”

We picked up your shoes and put them in the shoe closet downstairs. One pair of shoes looked very familiar to me. It was the pair of basketball shoes you wore when we would go down to Meadow and shoot hoops. We would eventually end up playing “around the world”, I would let you stay close in the game and then you would systematically beat me everytime. But you never gloated – that is not your style – you are a good winner.

Behind your dresser was the ball that you and Sammie used to play kickboard at Meadow – for hours and days and weeks.

You and I were both busted by Mom. She found that box of Oreos’ we had been hiding from her in your dresser drawer. The receipt for the 75 pounds of chips and cookies that you and Jessica eat during your sleepovers was quite shocking. On the floor, next to the receipt, we found the Spice Girls CD that you and Steph would sing to on car rides.

Finally, we found the lanyards that you and Brandi wore during one of our many birthday trips to Disneyland.

The most important thing that we discovered – or should I say rediscovered – was that you are a very special young lady.

You are fiercely loyal to your sister and our entire family. You were such a rock of support to Grandma when Papa passed. You always put family ahead of all else. Your cousins adore you! You never seek attention for the things you do for others. You care deeply about all your friends and sometimes act more like their mother than best friend. They are lucky to have you as friend.

And your mother and I are VERY LUCKY and BLESSED to have you as a daughter. We know that you will be successful in whatever adventure your life takes you on and we can’t wait to see what kind of woman you will blossom into. But don’t be in a hurry to reach that goal. We enjoy cleaning your room.

Katrina and Sammie once upon a time...

Katrina and Sammie once upon a time…