Friday Night Links 12-28-2012

I thought there was going to be just a few, but my friends and family didn’t let me down this week and just today there were several more good-enough-to-share.

Let’s start with something funny. Courtesy of friend Patty, for the survivalist, here’s how to start a campfire with a “manpon.”

Now on to the video links: 

You must watch this bike race video all the way through — it’s amazing!

From daughter Katrina we have an interesting music video:

From Collier County Sheriff’s Department in Florida, I give you “Safety Style.” Looks like a great department to work for; great message for the Holiday season. (I forget who shared it, sorry!)

For the pug lover in everyone — Thanks Sylvia!

From Francis, this one time a father and daughter went sailing…

BTW I’m not kidding around about not drinking and driving. This video is courtesy of my SIL Cindy. Don’t let the beginning lull you in; IT GETS QUITE GRAPHIC:

In honor of this amazing year of our 25th Wedding Anniversary, I give you my friend Jerry’s vow renewal toast followed by his beautiful serenade to us. I apologize for the home-video-just-like-the-old-days quality! If you want to skip the toast and go straight for the music, start at 4:45.

To offset that horrible quality video with some good stuff, here’s a song I’m just raving about:

Finally, just a cute picture with love from my friend Mauri:


Now, enjoy your weekend — and BE SAFE!


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