A Moment of Gratitude On This Christmas Eve Eve

Although my 9ers are getting SLAUGHTERED by the Seahawks as I type this, I take a moment to reflect on the things I am grateful for on this Eve of Christmas Eve.

1. Although hefty, I am healthy.

Legs: check, I can walk about freely upstairs, downstairs, out to my car, into work, and into the kitchen to heat up my coffee a hundred times a shift.

Fingers: check, I can type and enter a call for service when 9-1-1 rings. I can type this blog.

Eyes: check, I can see… well, with some assistance from the miracle of contact lenses and glasses, I can see pictures of my grandchild Laila, and see how beautiful she’s become in the week and a half since her birth.


Lungs: check, I can breathe in the cold and wet winter air.

Ears: check, I can hear the voice of the foster father advising that his runaway son has returned home.

You get the idea…

2. Although our finances are tight, Prince Charming has ref’d enough basketball games to afford lovely gifts for our family.

3. While others are being laid off, both the Prince and I work not one but two jobs each to maintain our accustomed standard of living, and are healthy enough to do it.

4. Although no job is ever perfect, mine is close enough: the commute is short, I like my coworkers, my supervisor and my manager, and I enjoy working.

5. While I hate that Brandi lives so far away, she is home for Christmas and will be sleeping in her former room (where a roommate now lives).

6. Although Katrina also works in a profession that usually has to work Holidays, she also will be off work and enjoying the next couple of days with us.

7. Katrina’s car has died, but the Prince and I still have working vehicles to get to and from our jobs, and to and from Katrina’s job, and to and from the Prince’s mom’s house to exchange gifts with family.

8. Although our schedules usually don’t mesh, we were still able to find time to spend a wonderful evening in SF with friends, taking a Holiday Lights Tour in an ancient Fire Truck driven by a spunky and knowledgeable tour guide who really knew exactly how wide that Fire Truck was. (There was one particularly close call with a double-parked vehicle in China town!)




9. Although our house is well-lived-in, the roof still holds, the walls still stand, and a Christmas tree rocks the front room.

Harry under the Christmas tree

… where did I leave those reindeer antlers?

10. Although I am working before and after, and will be working on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I will be home with my family, a rare occurrence in my profession.

So take a moment, take stock of all you are grateful for, hug your family and friends every chance you get, and enjoy the Holidays.


Whoops! I totally forgot to leave you with this, my favorite version of this Christmas song:


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