Where’d she go? Bahamas… Charleston… What?

“I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…” she calls as she slides into her back seat in the classroom just as the professor calls her name to turn in her term paper…

At least that’s how I feel right now. Like I skipped a class in order to get the term paper for another class done, then stayed up all night typing it, slept for an hour and then rushed across campus to class. Whew.

Yes, I’ve been absent… anyone miss me? No? That’s quite okay. I didn’t give you any notice, I know. I wasn’t quite comfortable just up and saying, “Hey, I’ll be off for a couple of weeks.” Like, who cares anyway? I’m just writing for me, and those 50-something followers have better things to do with their time anyway, right?

So, this will be just a quick one. No real topic to explore. Just a note to say, by the way, I’m still on vacation. Ha!

I have the entire month of October off work. (Scandalous!) This partly because when I had to choose my vacation dates — LAST YEAR — I didn’t know exactly what our plans for our 25th wedding anniversary would be so I just took the whole month off.

We ended up on a short five-day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas out of Charleston, South Carolina; except the purpose of the cruise was really a friend’s “Epic 40th Birthday” which just happened to fall within my month off. More to follow at a later date on the cruise specifics… but I’ll give you a hint: We were stupid and were lucky to survive Nassau.

Post-cruise Prince Charming and I spent 4 days in Charleston on our own which we loved. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the south, the history, the climate, the culture… except for the MORON who ran by our tour group one night hollering, “… no more black people, yay!” I tell you, we both wanted to chase him down and give him a spanking. Really? We still have to fight the racial battle? So. Wrong.

Now we’re home and looking forward to renewing our vows in our backyard next week in front of forty or so of our closest friends and family. Did I mention I’m still on vacation?

So, I imagine I’ll miss next week’s Weekly Writing Challenge just like I missed last week’s, and expect I’ll miss the week after that… maybe. So much for commitment, huh? I plan to at least use them as writing prompts on my return, and publish some more retrospectives… oh, and I still haven’t posted the recipe for the greatest baked macaroni and cheese, ever!

So much to do, so little time… In the meantime, here are a few pictures I took of Magnolia Plantation which we visited on our last day in Charleston:

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