And the Next Award Up Is… Another Reader Appreciation Award!

Thank you, thank you. This is really very unexpected. I need a minute to catch my breath! Oh my… Okay…

I’d like to thank The Academy, my family — especially my husband, Prince Charming — my friends, and my fellow bloggers, for all of their love and support. Of course, I am particularly grateful to the ever so kind SaneSamantha for nominating me for this Award. I admire Sane so much for her clarity of thinking and willingness to share her deepest parts of her mind.

Thank you, again, Sane, for all your kind words and wisdom. They mean more to me than I can say.

>>>>>>>>> <3

Now, come on, didn’t that sound like an Oscar speech? Really, tho, I meant every word of it. As SaneSamantha imitating Elvis would say, “Thank you, thank you — thank you very much.”

Now onto business. Again, the rules for acceptance are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  2. Nominate other people (you choose how many–whatever makes you happy).
  3. Write some bad ass things about yourself.

A gentle reminder to my nominees: you are not obligated to do a thing. Just know that I admire your writing and thinking enough to recommend your blog to others.

My nominees — from further afield than my blog roll as promised:

Each of these fine bloggers brings a fresh perspective and good heart to an excellent conversation. Please, as always, go follow them. Please. Pretty, pretty please, with sugar on top. And a fresh cherry. And real whipped cream (not that nasty canned stuff). No nuts. Okay, maybe a few peanuts.

More things about me — good grief, don’t you know enough already! If you want to stop reading here, I will certainly understand. Nevertheless, for those who want to continue the journey:

1. I donate my hair to Locks of Love every other year or so. Yep, it gets that long that fast. I’ve donated three times so far, but the first time I cut it all off for a good cause, I had left it out to dry… and Lucy (aka Lucifer even though she’s a she) got to it first. My beautiful 10-inch hunk of auburn hair had been made a into flying carpet by said kitty. So they got a check instead. And Lucy moved to San Diego along with Brandi.

They always look so innocent when they’re sleeping, don’t they? … Yeah, right!

2. I dream in Technicolor, vivid and real. So real, I think I might be living in an alternate reality in the dream-state. (There’s an old movie with this plot line, but I can’t find it right now.)  I believe deceased friends and relatives try to talk to me through my dreams, and I’m just too dense to understand the symbolism. I also believe there’s the next great horror novel somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain struggling to get out through my dreams. Really, I must start writing them down.

3. My favorite band of all time is The Eagles; my favorite song, of course, Hotel California. I finally saw The Eagles in concert just a few years ago when they played at the small State campus in our County. The tickets were $125 each, and worth every damn cent. My current obsession though is Florence and the Machine. I simply cannot get enough of this song:

4. I am huge believer in and user of the “like” button — anywhere and everywhere. I may not be the wittiest person in the world, so I may have absolutely nothing to say, but I can show someone how much I like what they’ve written/done/shared/created, and thus do my little part to spread a positive light throughout the universe. So there.

5. With another nod to SaneSamantha, the three wishes I would ask a genie for are: Money, love and fame. Wait. I already have all of those. Sort of. At least, I certainly have enough; I have what I need. So I guess I’m good with what I’ve got. Someone else can have the genie.

There; that’s enough. The previously scheduled programming will return this weekend. ;>