Oh My Gosh, “You Like Me!” — I’ve Won a Award!

Yes, I feel like Sally Field must have felt when she won her Oscar in 1985 for “Places in the Heart”… “You like me!” (And the fact that I remember that just makes me… old.)

Many thanks to Jodi Ambrose for nominating me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I am so blessed to be in such good company. Jodi — a published author — pens a funny, tell-it-like-it-is blog that helps you find — and keep — true love. I love her insights and her sense of humor.

I also want to thank Jodi for introducing me to thesubterraneanworld and thence to strawberryindigo as I was researching the genealogy of this Award. I am newly following both!

As a recipient of this Award, I am pleased to oblige you with the following Seven Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I’m addicted to games. Any game really, but my current obsession is Jewels Star for Android phones. It’s sort of a Bejeweled-meets-Jewel Quest. I also play Words with Friends and Word Feud (a similar word game, again for the Android), but I’ve been leaving my opponents waiting for days and days — while I play Jewels Star for hours. In fact, while I’m writing this blog (and paying my bills), I take breaks to play Jewels Star.  Once I get through all the levels (so far it looks like there are nearly 300 of them!), my obsession will wane and I’ll be back to normal. Well, my normal. Which. Isn’t. Really. Normal.

2. I love dogs and like cats, but am currently living pet-free — because Prince Charming bless his heart has tried, but just can’t (happily) live with them. The last two cats in the house — courtesy of a former roommate — shed so much that unbeknownst to me he was vacuuming DAILY. Since I’d rather live with him and pet-free than with them and Prince Charming-free… well, you see my point.

3. Oh! We have roommates. Two of them. Even though we are a fully employed couple, sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do for more income, and roommates — when they are the right roommates as they currently are — are easy income. However, for the record, we have in the past lived with the Ghost, the Slob, and the Psychopath. Check out Second Lunch for illustrations and a good laugh.

4. My current bowling average is… ta da! 137. Ugh. I was in the 160’s a couple of years ago and doing pretty well, but then made the mistake of trying a new ball and a new way of bowling. For those bowlers out there who care: I spent 20+ years throwing a straight ball, full grip. I was gifted with a ball that has a slight hook and fingertip grips. The transition did not go well. I abandoned the “new” ball and gifted it along to another poor soul someone else to try. I went back to my original ball. I’m still building my average back up.

5. I’m an idiot — in a good way. While balancing my checkbook (I’m multi-tasking, remember?), I discovered a simple math error. Apparently, I thought that $94 + $2010 = $294; this of course makes no sense at all looking back at it a month later. How did I run right past that one? No matter; instead of being $1,900 “overdrawn” (which the bank will never know about because the way I pay my bills I keep a rolling balance well above that!), I’m only $120 overdrawn. YAHOO! (I will now reward myself with another game of Jewels Star!)

6. I don’t like crowds, and by that I mean more than four or five people in a good-sized room. In fact, rather than share a hotel room with two other women — who are both very close friends of mine — I am instead choosing to share a room with a married male friend. With the permission of his wife. And Prince Charming. Neither of whom will be present. A drastic measure to avoid claustrophobia, I agree.

7. I have twin brothers. They are five years younger than me, and they are handsome, quirky and fun, but they probably won’t get mentioned much here, other than in passing. We’re close and I love them, but because they both live in Southern California, I don’t see them much. (Although I do play Words with one of them!)

Whew! That was kind of difficult. I tried not to repeat things that were already on my “About Me” page which I recently updated, but I’m afraid I blathered on quite a bit longer than prior Award recipients. Apparently, I don’t know how to stop talking! hehe

Now to my nominees for this Award. I  hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.







To my nominees: I understand not all of you may “do” awards. I further understand you are all very busy sisters. I nominate you only because I have admired you and/or your blog, and wish to share your site with others. (Since I don’t have a very large following this may or may not be actually beneficial!) In any event, I offer this nomination free to you with no obligation to act.  ;>

7 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh, “You Like Me!” — I’ve Won a Award!

  1. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I left you a comment the other day!! My brain doesn’t work! You are so very deserving, my dear!!! Hey, you and I have the same bowling average! We kick ass!! :) HUGS!!

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