Tarot Meditation for the Day

Two of Swords: Peace Restored

A blindfolded man and woman stand facing each other in a scene similar to those in which duels are fought for honor. These two individuals are now calling an emotional and mental truce.

Peace restored is a card of differences reconciled. As the moon shines above the need for change is still present. The waters of emotion can still rise.


Interesting, this is the third time this week I have conducted this little experiment and each time the card randomly picked has been significant at that moment in time. This time I have been feeling some minor conflict with another person, which I had decided to resolve by just not bringing any more attention to it. I believe the Tarot card is indicating this is the correct way to proceed. Perhaps the change still needed is for me to be more sensitive to my behavior around this other person.

Fingers crossed. Blessings to all.